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Impacts of conservation activities on people who are incarcerated_ a case study based on qualitative and quantitative analyses, 2022.
Measuring the Psychological Impacts of Prison-Based Dog Training Programs… 2019
The “Green” Mile: How our Correctional Systems Can Promote Sustainability and Conservation, 2019
Prison Animal Programs, Coyote Ridge (c) 2018
“Sustainability Education in Prisons: Transforming Lives, Transforming the World” (c) 2017
“The Case for Engaging Incarcerated Populations in Conservation and Science” in Natural Areas Journal (c) 2015
“A Case Study: SPP Horticulture Programs” “A Case Study: SPP Horticulture Programs” in Sowing Seeds in the City (c) 2016
Environmental education in prison: A comparison of teaching methods and their influence on inmate attitudes and knowledge of environmental topics." Interdisciplinary Environmental Review. (c) 2015.
“Environmental education in prison” Interdisciplinary Environmental Review. (c) 2015.
Exploring the Value of Prison-Based Dog Handler Programs (c) 2017
"Bringing Sustainability and Science to the Incarcerated" in Values in Sustainable Development (c) 2013
“Bringing Sustainability and Science to the Incarcerated” in Values in Sustainable Development (c) 2013



Plans for modular, raised planter beds & seating, designed to for incarcerated individuals assembly and placement, 2019.
Guidebook for Design and Build in Washington State prisons, by Graham Golbluff, 2016
Naturalist’s Field Journal from the McNeil Island Honey Bee Program, 2019
Standard Protocol: Prison-based dog training programs, Denver University 2018
SPP Prairie Conservation Manual, 4th edition, 2015
Beekeeping in Prisons Program Guide, 2017

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