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Kelli Bush, SPP Co-Director,
The Evergreen State College
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
SEM 2 A2117
Olympia, WA 98505
(360) 867-6863

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The Sustainability in Prisons Project has received worldwide attention in numerous newspapers, magazines, scientific journals and other media. We feature some favorites here.

New! Summer 2023: SPP’s newest program, Avian Acoustic Monitoring, is featured on BirdNote’s June 21, 2023 episode.

TED (Technology, Education and Design), a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, featured our co-founder Dan Pacholke’s talk on the future of prisons. His presentation was made at the TEDx event hosted by Monroe Correctional Complex outside of Seattle, WA, only the second ever TED event in a prison.

In 2016, PBS NewsHour visited SPP’s butterfly greenhouse and a release on a nearby prairie. The 8-minute piece captures the beauty and partnership that has drawn international attention to the Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly program at Mission Creek Corrections Center.

Dr. Carri LeRoy, SPP’s Director for Evergreen, was published in Science, one of the best-regarded journals in the world! She describes her experience presenting a nature drawing workshop in prison, “outside the tower” of typical academia.


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