Financial donations are the best way to support and improve SPP programs. When you make your donation, you may identify what you wish to fund, or allow flexibility to put it to where we see the greatest need. Click here to make a financial contribution via The Evergreen State College Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.

An anonymous donor at the Seattle Foundation helped to fund a full-day, statewide beekeeping summit at Washington Corrections Center for Women; as a result, we have beekeeping programs in nearly every WA prison!! Photo by Ricky Osborne.

Donations to the Sustainability in Prisons Project support programs at all twelve Washington prisons, bringing science and nature to incarcerated individuals and corrections staff. Our funds are spent strategically, for the greatest return. These returns come in the form of saved tax dollars, as sustainable practices dramatically reduce prison operation costs. Conservation programs contribute to ecological research and on-the-ground restoration of rare and endangered species. Bicycle repair, animal rescue, and other community-based programs benefit residents outside the prison walls, and serve to shift attitudes about what prisoners can offer. Overall, SPP programs offer scientific education and engagement of the prison population, and connections to academic, conservation, natural resource, and sustainability partners.

Wish List

In-kind donations also are very welcome. The items below are always in need:

  • Books and magazines on environmental, science, and sustainability topics for prison libraries
  • Pocket size or larger notebooks, for incarcerated students’ note-taking 
  • Art supplies for nature drawing workshops

If you would like to donate an item on this list, or discuss other potential gifts, please contact SPP Co-Director Kelli Bush or 360 867-6863.

Thank you for your contributions! You are making a difference.