Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW)

ProgramProgram Partners (partner with DOC, Evergreen, or both) Recent highlights – updated August 2019
Roots of Success, environmental courseRoots of SuccessSubstantial efforts to re-start the program, false start in April (ran into difficulties); found new classroom and have a better plan!
Environmental Workshop SeriesGuest experts from nonprofits, agencies, business, etc.Greatly increased attendance in the past year: 444 compared to 250 year previous; awarded 28 certificates
Prairie Conservation NurseryCenter for Natural Lands Management, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Zoo, Pacific Rim Institute for Environmental Stewardship, Whidbey-Camano Land Trust, Friends of Puget Prairies, and Wolf Haven InternationalIn past year, crew cultivated 82,000 prairie plants for habitat restoration, increased seed nursery to produce Viola adunca seed for Federally listed silverspot butterfly on the Oregon coast; 38 workshops on restoration ecology
Gardens and greenhousesTacoma Community College,WSU Extension, Pierce County10,000 ft2 of growing space; summer of 2018 grew 11,620 lbs of produce for prison kitchen — herbs, vegetables, and strawberries; 10 TAs maintain landscaping
BeekeepingMother Earth Farm, Little Eoarth Farm,Tacoma Community College, Washington Master Beekeepers wamasterbeekeepers.orgNo beekeeping classes last few years; still have 3 hives
Community College HorticultureTacoma Community College,WSU Extension, Pierce County (Master Gardeners)Very successful program; currently 34 students enrolled and will earn 55 college credits upon completion; earlier graduates are program’s TAs; 4 Master Gardener volunteers provide lectures and mentorship; Master Gardeners also donated $1,500 for soil, seeds, and fertilizers
Mother Earth Farm, offsite farm crewMother Earth Farm,Emergency Food Network, Tacoma Community CollegeOffsite crew of 9 organic farm students grows vegetables for donation to 16 food pantries (quantities not available for 2019); formal education on 17 topics earns 9 credits from TCC
Prison Pet PartnershipFirst in-prison pet program in the country! In past year, 35 dogs in training, 17 adopted as pets, 6 as service animals, 25 incarcerated employees; 2 found pet care industry employment post-release
Sisters of Charity: quilts, fabric crafts, wildlife rescueCommunity members donate supplies; LIHI and multiple non-profits/charities receive donations In past year, created and donated 3,111 items! Hats, pillowcases, quilts, stockings, pottery, dog beds (for PPP), and curtains for tiny houses
Waste sorting & recyclingIn past year, diverted 86+ tons of materials from waste stream to recycling
Large-scale compostingLast year, composted 158+ tons of food waste
Electric vehiclesMaintain 2 electric vehicles
Lighting upgradesUpgraded all perimeter lighting to LEDs in past year

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