Clallam Bay Corrections Center (CBCC)

ProgramProgram Partners December 2020 highlights
Roots of Success, environmental courseRoots of Success7 classes since program started, 49 Roots graduates so far; program currently inactive due to lack of available instructors, hoping to restart program in the future
BeekeepingNorth Olympic Peninsula Beekeepers Association, Washington State Beekeepers Association4 hives, 24 beginner certificates awarded; adding scientific education, dissecting and examining dead bees; one beekeeper wrote supplemental curriculum
Vegetable gardensClallam Bay Food Bank~1,400 lbs. of produce was grown and donated in 2020: 972 lbs. to the Clallam Bay Food Bank and 423 lbs. to the CBCC kitchen.
Flower gardensContinued upkeep of 500 perennials planted last year; ornamental gardens in courtyard, access breezeway, MSC light yards; “worm tea” is only fertilizer
Ozette potato programProgram grows Ozette and Peruvian Purple seed potatoes for donation to local tribe to help replenish cultural staples: 125 lbs. given to Makah Tribe.
Waste sorting & recyclingKNS Recycling~94,732 lbs food diverted to OCC for composting; 165,499 lbs recyclables
Dog training and adoptionWelfare for Animals Guild(WAG!)Since beginning of program trained more than 200 dogs and puppies! Continue to host reunions for adoptive families and incarcerated trainers. Dogs temporarily removed due to COVID-19 then returned to later be adopted in December 2020. Classes continued without dogs.
Cat programWelfare for Animals Guild(WAG!)Cats were removed from the facility in March 2020 due
to COVID-19 but returned a few weeks later. The program successfully fostered and adopted out 65 cats/kittens during this reporting period.
Water catchment250 gallon water catchment inside the greenhouse
Waste water treatmentDOE-recognized with Outstanding Performance Award; Water treated in waste water lagoon exceeds gold standard!

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