Clallam Bay Corrections Center (CBCC)

Program Program Partners (partner with DOC, Evergreen, or both) Recent highlights 
Roots of Success, environmental course Roots of Success New staff sponsor excited about the program; 2 classes graduated so far, 3rd in session now
Beekeeping North Olympic Peninsula Beekeepers Association Combined their hives to make it stronger for winter; hosted 2nd beekeeping intensive class in May; incarcerated beekeepers enthusiastically studying all aspects of beekeeping
Vegetable gardens Donations to Peninsula College culinary program 5850 ft2 (additional 4000 ft2 unused); ~1200  pounds of produce grown (~43 lbs to culinary program, 1,075 to the kitchen, 84 lbs to area food banks)
Flower gardens   Planted 500 perennials this year; ornamental gardens in courtyard, access breezeway, MSC light yards; “worm tea” is only fertilizer
Ozette Potato program   In 2018, grew Ozette and Peruvian Purple seed potatoes for donation to local tribe to help replenish cultural staples.
Dog training and adoption Welfare for Animals Guild (WAG!) 25 dogs graduated from the program in past year; hosted reunions for adoptive families and incarcerated trainers.
Cat program Welfare for Animals Guild (WAG!) Hosted by two units in close custody; 17 cats gone through program.
Water catchment   250 gallon water catchment inside the greenhouse
Waste water treatment   Water treated in waste water lagoon exceeds gold standard!
Waste sorting & recycling KNS Recycling Job training provided by DOC staff and recycling vendor; 445,830 lbs to recycling, 81,855 lbs to composting, 1625 lbs of clothing to textiles recycling.

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