Washington Corrections Center (WCC)

ProgramProgram PartnersHighlights as of December 2020
Roots of Success, environmental courseRoots of Success35 grads so far, 3 instructors certified; long-time instructor is releasing soon. Future plans include working with the program liaison and facility leadership to either host an instructor training before the current Master trainer’s ERD to certify new instructors or identify a certified instructor to take over his teaching position.
Environmental Workshop SeriesGuest experts from nonprofits, agencies, business, etc.Temporarily suspended due to COVID-19; program launched in April 2018; continues to be going strong with increasing attendance (371 in FY19); 48 certificates awarded!
Prairie Conservation NurseryCenter for Natural Lands Management, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Oregon Zoo, Friends of Puget Prairies, Wolf Haven InternationalIn 2019, the program had the largest native Viola adunca production nursery in the world! 22 education sessions developed and delivered for cognitively challenged incarcerated students; produced 8 lbs. of early blue violet and 2 lbs of Viola howellii seed; planted out 6 new species to add diversity to seed supply
Beekeeping, “Intensive Bee Management Unit”Olympia Beekeepers Association, Washington State Beekeepers Association6 hives in summer of 2019; graduated 6 incarcerated and 3 staff beekeepers in last year, 14 overall
Gardens and greenhousesThurston County Food Bank, The Saint’s Pantry Food Bank, Matlock Community Church, Hoodsport Food Bank2020 presented a challenging growing season due to both COVID-19 restrictions and unfavorable weather conditions. Despite these limitations, 15 crew members grew 30,140 lbs. on the 1.4 acre garden with 50% given to local food banks.
Flower gardensFlower gardens throughout the campus
HorticultureCentralia CollegeProgram ended in April 2019
Potted plants and plant startsKiwanis Hoodsport; Saints Pantry Food BankFor 2020, crews grew the requested starts for Kiwanis but they unfortunately could not accept them due to COVID-19 restrictions and donated them back to the prison. In 2019, crews grew 2,782 starts for the 2019 Hood Canal Kiwanis Spring Plant Sale; donated 800 plants to Saints Pantry Food Bank; gave away 1,503 to staff and incarcerated individuals’ families at various events
Construction: bus stops, tiny homes, Neighborhood Pantries, bird housesCentralia College, Kiwanis Hoodsport, Hood Canal School DistrictTemporarily suspended due to COVID-19; Carpenters obtaining college credit while working on neighborhood projects: starting to build tiny homes; built and donated 3 bus stops; built 9 more pantry boxes for Kitsap neighborhood food sharing; bird boxes for WCC grounds.
Nature ImageryNature video channel available on-demand in 62 Intensive Management Unit cells (small screens)
House plantsPlants in all shared and staff areas, provided and maintained by Grounds Maintenance crew
Large-scale compostingBefore composter broke down, diverted 69.53 tons (139,060 lbs. of food waste) to produce 50,280 lbs of finished compost, spread on gardens and flower beds. Still working on getting new composter; compostable material sent to an off-site facility in the meantime
Vermiculture/Soldier Fly and Bokashi CompostingGreenhouse available to start vermiculture program. Started with 5 worm bins, now have 10. Used thermal heating during winter months to help worms reproduce. Using food scraps from the facility for this program.
Waste sorting & recyclingDiverted more than 218 tons of metals, cardboard, and paper to recycling (discontinued plastics diversion; no buyers)
Shoe and clothing repurposingCorrectional IndustriesDOC facilities send used clothes to WCC for reuse and recycling; despite limitations due to COVID-19, incarcerated workers processed ~12,000 lbs of t-shirt, boxer shorts, and socks in past year

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