Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women (MCCCW)

ProgramProgram Partners Highlights as of December 2020
Roots of SuccessRoots of SuccessSuccessful class in 2019; seeking new instructors
Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly programU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Oregon ZooProgram continues to set records: ~5,900 caterpillars were released in March; 29 education sessions were held, and 3 participants awarded certificates (1500 hours)
BeekeepingWest Sound Beekeepers Association, Washington State Beekeepers AssociationNo classes 2019; graduated 20 incarcerated Beginners previously; this year, harvested 39 pounds of honey; carpentry program built the covers for the hives.
Environmental careers workshopsWSDOT and Dept. of EcologyProgram temporarily suspended due to COVID-19; series of 3 workshops educating participants on environmental careers with WSDOT
GRACE (Gardening for Restoration and Conservation Education) ProjectKitsap Conservation District,
Central Kitsap Foodbank
Kitsap Conservation District 1/4 acre garden tended by MCCCW crew, produced more than 12,000 lbs in first season and donated to 4 food banks; 200 lbs fresh produce to the prison kitchen; mid-October, 350 lbs pumpkins for kids to pick their own at the pumpkin patch.
Vegetable gardensNorth Mason Food Bank720 ft2 of garden space grew ~1,100 lbs. of produce: 520 lbs. to the food bank and 572 lbs. for the prison kitchen.
Flower gardensFlower gardens for every living unit; continued cultivation of existing flower beds, front area revamped with increased use of pollinator-friendly wildflowers
Conservation crewsKitsap Conservation District, Great Peninsula Conservancy, Jefferson Land Trust, WSDOT, WDFW, Suquamish Tribe Fisheries.Program temporarily suspended due to COVID-19; planting project, invasive weed removal, creek and estuary flood control.
Small-scale composting23 tons solid waste composted in past year
Waste sorting & recyclingNearly 58 tons to recycling in past year
Water use reduction & catchment30,000 gallons catchment in ponds; low water use per person, 68 gallons/incarcerated resident/day in past year
Pawsitive Prison ProjectKitsap Humane Society22 cats in the 4th year of the program
Plant and animal habitat20 bird boxes, 2 bird feeders
House plantsAll living units have houseplants and numerous staff have plants in offices

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