Larch Corrections Center (LCC)

ProgramProgram Partners (partner with DOC, Evergreen, or both)Recent highlights – updated August 2019
Roots of Success, environmental courseRoots of SuccessGraduated 12 classes, 53 students so far; coordinating with SCCC to train new instructors before transfer to LCC
Western pond turtles careWashington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Oregon ZooCared for 32 turtles so far, from Columbia Gorge population
BeekeepingClark County Beekeeping Association, Washington State Beekeepers Association3 classes, 24 Beginner beekeepers so far; 4 hives.
Plantain, food source for Taylor’s checkerspot butterfliesOregon ZooTechnicians maintain 11 garden beds and harvest leaves to feed butterfly larvae raised at the OR zoo.
House plantsOnly prison where incarcerated individuals may have houseplants in their rooms: nearly 300 for 480 residents!
Bird feedersFeeders throughout the facility
Wood craft donationsCreated and donated 75 picture frames, 16 jewelry boxes, 4 signs, 1 display cabinet, 1 plaque.
Larch Dog Adoption ProgramHumane Society for Southwest WAWeekly classes and one-on-one training with handlers; 42 dogs and puppies in the program in past year.
Larch Cat Adoption ProgramWest Columbia Gorge Humane Society, Humane Society for Southwest WAEducation and training every 2nd week; 42 kittens and cats adopted in past year.
Waste reductionEducation posters throughout the facility, and recycle bins everywhere; limited the use of plastic trash can liners
Waste sorting & recyclingWaste Connections, Paper People, Calbag MetalsWaste sorted at every living unit; sent 1.9 tons of steel to Cal Bag Metals and 13.84 tons of cardboard to Paper People
Large-scale compostingFirst WA prison to have large-scale composting; diverted 60 tons of food waste; yielding approximately 16 tons of compost.
Waste Water TreatmentDOEIncarcerated technicians can acheive Dept of Ecology certifications; protion of treated water reclaimed (non-potable), ~1,000,000 gal/month
ForestryDNR (and others?)Off-site crews trained in and practice re-forestation, wood-cutting, land clearing, and forest firefighting and fire prevention; 120 crew members have been certified as Firefighter 2
Community workmutliple government entitiesTypical services are farming, reforestation, wood-cutting, brush and debris clearing, general landscaping, processing vegetables at food pantry, salmon habitat restoration, watershed improvement, development of parks and recreational areas, and other work to conserve natural resources

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