Kittens at Shotwell’s

by Jaal Mann, Conservation Nursery Coordinator and Graduate Research Assistant


A couple of weeks ago, a stray cat gave birth to six kittens at our Shotwell’s Landing nursery in the tool storage shed. The inmate crew that comes there to work from Cedar Creek Corrections Center immediately bonded with the kittens, and made sure they were socialized and healthy. We have found homes for all of the kittens and they will be in permanent homes at the end of the week. A happy ending for the kittens, and the inmates will be sad to see them go.

The experience with the kittens has served as a reminder of the positive impact that working with living things can have.

kittens-at-Shotwells-4  kittens-at-Shotwells-2 kittens-at-Shotwells-1

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