Planète Grenouille

By Education & Evaluations Coordinator Brittany Gallagher

01 - PG MNH Entry

Planète Grenouille (“Planet Frog”) is an exhibition running this summer at the National Natural History Museum in Paris. To create the exhibit, photographer Cyril Ruoso visited frogs living in extreme conditions around the world, including SPP’s Oregon spotted frogs at Cedar Creek Corrections Center.  Now his work – and SPP’s frogs – are on display for all to see in Paris!

02 - tree-lined path with posters along fence

A tree-lined walkway leads up to the main museum building, with a fence separating the walkway from the extensive Jardin des Plants, an impressive teaching garden with plants from all over the Francophone world.  It is along this fence that Cyril’s photos are found, larger than life.

07 - metamorphose

Metamorphosis:  “As a tadpole becomes a frog, the prisoners, ostracized from society, transform themselves through a project called “Sustainability in Prisons”.  Little by little, they learn to become useful again, and accompanied by these frogs, reconstruct themselves.”

08 - SPP business card and photos along fence 03 - OSF photos along fence 04 - more OSF photos along fence 05 - people passing by OSF photos

Many people pass by these photos each day – admission to the Jardin des Plants is free to the public!

06 - the frog and the prisoner

“This is a slightly crazy project that grew from the head of a biologist: entrust the breeding of an endangered species to prisoners with the double objective of participating in the conservation of local biodiversity, but also helping to reduce violence in the prison environment.“The candidate for this uncommon rescue is a frog. Native to the northwest of the United States, this frog has seen its numbers fall by more than 70% with the disappearance of many swamps, the arrival of invasive plants and of a redoubtable exotic predator: the bullfrog.

“The eggs entrusted to Matt and Taylor have today become frogs and the time has come to release them to their natural environment in order to enhance wild populations. The long process creates a precious pride in the two prisoners, and has opened up new opportunities for the future. The double gamble has succeeded.”

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