Cat Program at WSP Has Staff & Inmates Smiling, Cats Purring

By Marina House, DOC Staff at the Washington State PenitentiaryCat Pictures 016-1

I just wanted to share my observations concerning the success of the cat program.  When we found out we were getting the cat program I was mildly hopeful because I had been involved with equine assisted therapy for at risk kids and their families, so I’m aware first hand that animals have beneficial effects on people, but I had no real hope it would be this successful.

I have seen inmates who have NEVER interacted with staff or other inmates now joking and smiling. I have seen inmates who would normally fight walk away to avoid trouble.  The unit is calmer and far more peaceful than before.  There is lots more positive social interaction in the dayrooms now. It’s very nice to have a program that so easily promotes pro-social behavior.  I am very much in favor of any program that makes our jobs easier and safer, and this kitten program does both.

How about some bottle fed puppies now for B Mod?

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