Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You…

Come see one of our student Research Associates participate in a panel presentation ….

As climate change and dwindling resources create mounting concerns, societies across the globe are turning to the foundations of sustainability to enlighten future decisions.   On August 7, 2010 at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Olympia, WA, the Sustainable Prisons Project will take part in a panel discussion regarding sustainability and its implications for the future,  following a screening of the thought-provoking film 2012: Time for Change,  hosted by the Olympia Film Society. The film begins at 6:30pm with the panel discussion to immediately follow.   This event provides an engaging opportunity to discuss how we as individuals can create sustainable projects and futures.

We invite you to attend, and encourage your comments and participation during the guest panel discussion.  We’ll see you at the box office!

More Information:

2012: Time for Change

The Olympia Film Society


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