Washington State Department of Corrections
WA Corrections


The Washington State Department of Corrections (WA Corrections) houses, feeds, clothes, and provides a variety of programs for more than 17,000 incarcerated men and women in the twelve state prisons. WA Corrections is known for a compassionate, progressive prison culture, exemplified by one of the lowest rates of solitary confinement in the country and the diversity of high-quality programming it offers. WA Corrections believes that engaging incarcerated individuals with meaningful work and education creates a safer, more successful model of rehabilitation.

Offenders at Stafford Creek Corrections Center. Photo by Benj Drummond.

Incarcerated individuals at Stafford Creek Corrections Center in the common area of a housing unit. Photo by Benj Drummond.

Sustainability in Washington State Corrections
As a steward of public resources, WA Corrections is committed to work for safe, sustainable communities. WA Corrections has earned a national reputation for its efforts to make both its operations and facilities more sustainable, reducing the environmental footprint of each prison while increasing their economic efficiency. To learn more about sustainability at WA Corrections, click here.

Gardeners at Stafford Creek Corrections Center growing crops for the prison kitchens. Photo by Benj Drummond.

Gardeners at Stafford Creek Corrections Center growing crops for the prison kitchens. Photo by Benj Drummond.

WA Corrections engages incarcerated individuals in stewardship activities to allow them to gain job skills, contribute to the outside community, and rebuild their lives. Through SPP partnerships, WA Corrections has implemented a huge variety of science and sustainability programs in its 12 prisons, including: composting, gardening, crop growing, dog and cat rehabilitation, waste reduction and recycling, bicycle and wheelchair refurbishment, quilt making, and rearing endangered plants and animals.

WA Corrections contributes to SPP’s annual operating budget and provides all incarcerated individuals wages. WA Corrections also provides the day-to-day supervision of all SPP programs and depends on the commitment of staff members in each prison. Classification counselors supervise conservation projects and custody staff ensure the safety and integrity of each SPP program.