Shohei Morita

Green Track Programs (Beekeeping and Roots of Success) Coordinator
Master of Environmental Studies Program, The Evergreen State College

Originally from Japan, Shohei moved to Malaysia when he was six years old. After graduating high school, he moved to Arcata, California and attained a BS in Environmental Management and Protection with an emphasis in Natural Resource Planning at Humboldt State University. Immersion in Humboldt County’s natural beauty and seeing it threatened by various human impacts galvanized Shohei to pursue a Master of Environmental Studies at Evergreen.

Shohei has worked at the City of Arcata’s Environmental Services department where he collaborated with the local community to implement a state-wide composting bill and promote various zero waste principles. He also worked for United States Servas, a non-profit organization that promotes world peace through cultural exchange. During this time, Shohei learned first-hand about social power dynamics and inequalities that favor certain groups of people for participants of many “sustainability” programs; these leave out marginalized groups who might greatly benefit from sustainable practices to extend their limited resources. This led to Shohei wanting to help “level the playing field” and work to create an outlet for sustainability programs which allows for an inclusive participation by everyone in the community.

Shohei’s long-term goal is to start and own a sustainable business that provides opportunities for people in need. In his free time, he likes to fish, agate hunt, and cook zero-waste meals!