Keira Jensen

Conservation Education Coordinator                                                                              MES Program, The Evergreen State College

Keira Jensen grew up in Missoula, Montana, where she learned to love pine trees and mountain views. She went to Pomona College in the LA area for her bachelors, which she received in 2017. While there she engaged in research internships, including surveying nesting sea birds on the California coast, and studied land management plans for her thesis.  

After graduating, she moved around for several years. In San Francisco, she greatly enjoyed working with volunteers at a restoration-based native plant nursery in the Presidio. In Missoula she facilitated outdoor field trips for younger students, and with Ecology Project International helped lead high schoolers on week-long ecological field courses to Yellowstone. Sustainable farming and restoration-based AmeriCorps positions gave her a great excuse to move out to Washington, where she’s learned to love the Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier, and all the expansive and lush fern-laden forests. 

Joining with SPP-Evergreen allows her to continue engaging in the conservation and education work she greatly enjoys, while pursuing her research interests in climate and sustainability planning through the MES program. She looks forward to exploring the Northwest, and connecting with the local community. She also likes writing, games, small plays, and trying to learn how to identify new bird calls.