Joslyn Rose Trivett

Former SPP Education & Outreach Manager

Joslyn worked for Sustainability in Prisons Project from 2012 – 2020. She planned, implemented, and supported dozens of programs and partnerships. She is grateful for all she learned from SPP partners, inside and outside of prison.

Joslyn Rose Trivett moved from Vancouver, British Columbia to study ecological science at The Evergreen State College. After graduating in 1994, she pursued a career in restoration ecology. She worked for the wetland mitigation monitoring program at the Washington State Department of Transportation, the Revegetation & Wilderness Monitoring crews for Olympic National Park, and she ran restoration planting projects and nursery operations for Sound Native Plants in Olympia, Washington. Her interest shifted toward social psychology, and in 2011 she obtained a Master’s in Human Development, specializing in Leadership in Education and Human Services from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California. She brings her mix of ecological and social expertise to SPP to support education, evaluation, and expansion of the SPP model nationwide. She is studying restorative justice as a model for resolving conflicts of all kinds, including as an alternative to conventional criminal justice.