Jennifer Bass 

Environmental Education Coordinator                                                                     MES Program, The Evergreen State College

Jennifer Bass is originally from the sunny Arizona desert but moved to Oregon to study Music and Environmental Studies: Policy, Culture, and Society at Pacific University. During her undergraduate degree, Jen studied abroad in Ecuador at the Universidad de San Francisco in Quito and San Cristóbal Island and interacted in a variety of unique environments. Her previous studies and work focused heavily on ethics, activism, and education. While working with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition and teaching music lessons, Jen developed an interest in inclusive, holistic, and applied education and environmental justice. She moved to Washington in 2021 to further these interests and pursue her Master of Environmental Studies (MES) degree at Evergreen. Jen is looking forward to spending more time in the Pacific Northwest and working with the SPP team.

When she’s not at Evergreen, you’ll find her hiking with her dog, crafting, baking, or spending time in the sun.