Jaal Mann

Graduate Research Assistant, MES Program
The Evergreen State College

Jaal Mann was born in Seattle, Washington, but really developed his interest in sustainability in middle school when his family moved to Monteverde, Costa Rica. The four-year school he attended in Monteverde focused on environmental education. Jaal was exposed to various environmental problems and the steps being taken to remediate them. Bringing this experience back to Washington state, Jaal furthered his environmental exploration by taking classes in field ecology at The Evergreen State College. Upon graduating with his B.S. in June of 2012, he entered into Evergreen’s Master of Environmental Studies program and began working with the Sustainability in Prisons Project. He brings his love of the outdoors and drive to restore natural environments to SPP’s conservation nursery programs. He hopes to make a difference both in our diminishing prairies and in the lives of incarcerated people throughout the region.