Graham Klag

SPP Nursery Coordinator: Prairie Conservation Nursery and EVM Nursery at SCCC
MES Program, The Evergreen State College

Graham sees ecological and artistic potentials within the world’s watersheds, species, and people; he is inspired by the power of observation. Graham has had the privilege to contribute ecological services and education to an array of Pacific Northwest communities, from Olympic National Park to the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve.

He brings a wealth of conservation experience to SPP. He has worked in native plant nurseries, agricultural farms, and many types of restoration ecology projects. His botanical perspective informs his artwork; with illustration, he aims to better communicate how we can fit into ecosystems and conserve diversity.

Graham is excited to continue promoting plants with Sustainability in Prisons Project. He fosters collaboration and cooperation through projects that generate a deeper understanding and appreciation for how to use conservation to ensure future options are open to all.