Evan Hayduk

Graduate Research Assistant, MES Program
The Evergreen State College

Born and raised in the lush valleys of Western Washington, Evan’s lifelong commitment to plants started early. The earliest photographs show Evan working alongside his father with a plastic rake or shovel, most likely doing more harm than good in what was to become an award-winning backyard garden. His childhood summers were not spent away at summer camps, but rather trimming hedges, weeding, spreading mulch and growing vegetables. Returning to the Northwest after receiving a B.S. in Political Science from Santa Clara University, Evan worked two years with the Washington Conservation Corps, an AmeriCorps program, restoring riparian areas and maintaining backcountry trails in Olympic National Park. A season at Webster’s Forest Nursery and two summers at the Mt. Rainier greenhouse have prepared Evan for the Master’s of Environmental Studies program and the Sustainability in Prisons Project at Evergreen. He hopes to bring his love of life, past experience, and strong back to enhance the already thriving prairie and riparian plant programs at SPP.