Erin Lynam

SPP Environmental Workshop Series Coordinator
MPA Program, The Evergreen State College

Erin Lynam is a graduate student in the Master of Public Administration at Evergreen. Originally from Forks, WA, Erin now considers herself a true Olympian.

Erin received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Evergreen in 2015. During her undergraduate years, she completed an internship in the Washington Corrections Center for Women’s Prison Pet Partnership. During the internship, Erin realized she wanted to create a career focused on improving America’s justice system; she envisions revising corrections’ policies based on direct input from incarcerated individuals.

In addition to Erin’s background in Psychology and Public Policy, she has a deep appreciation for art. She believes it is important to include aesthetic needs when thinking about basic human rights.

Erin is excited to bring empowering knowledge that ties in sustainability, psychology, and aesthetics to the students of SPP!