Brianna Morningred

Graduate Research Assistant, MES Program
The Evergreen State College

Bri grew up in Port Orchard, Washington. Her love of science began at age six with her first episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy. She has known since that being a scientist or otherwise involved in the sciences was all she would ever want to do with her life—hoping to be like Bill Nye and Ms. Frizzle (from The Magic School Bus). Her days of playing in the mud and spending as much time as possible outside led her to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR. While there she participated in many science projects, such as researching sturgeon DNA and surveying for salamander and frog egg masses with the Portland Metro staff. She graduated with honors and spent a couple of years in Portland gaining general job experience, and taking various classes at Oregon State University online, while trying to figure out her next steps. However, she could not long stay away from Washington and the future she knew she wanted to make there. She moved back in December 2011.

2012 was a whirlwind of amazing events. She was accepted into the Evergreen State College Master of Environmental Science program and later in that same week was asked to join the WSDOT wetland mitigation team over the summer. Just as classes were beginning in the fall, she received her best opportunity to date: she was asked to join SPP as a conservation nursery intern. She feels extraordinarily lucky to be a part of such an amazing project and to work with people with such brilliant spirits. She is looking forward to the amazing work SPP will do in 2013.

A few fun facts about Bri: her favorite creature is the salamander, she has been singing/performing since she was 5, and she’s slowly trying to learn Japanese.