Andrea Martin

Graduate Research Associate, MES Program
The Evergreen State College

Andrea grew up in the small town of Sweet Home, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Even in such an outdoor Mecca, she spent more time daydreaming about big cities than she did hiking or fishing. She moved to San Francisco after high school to pursue World History and Women and Gender Studies at San Francisco State University. It was only upon living in such a crowded place that she finally began to appreciate the wild spaces she’d grown up in. After several backpacking trips and a year in West Africa, Andrea moved on to trail work, leading teenage trail crews and teaching environmental education in five states. She is currently a graduate student in the Masters in Environmental Studies program at Evergreen, where she is looking forward to expanding her teaching skills and to continuing to make connections between people’s lived experiences and the natural world. With SPP, Andrea will be taking up the Oregon Spotted Frog program at Cedar Creek Correctional Center. She is excited to keep learning, and to be part of such an innovative and important project. In her free time she likes to do yoga, run, and crochet everyone she knows a scarf.