Zandra Jones

Program & Administrative Assistant
The Evergreen State College

Zandra V Jones was born and raised in Tacoma, WA. As a mixed-race girl growing up in a diverse and mostly low-income community, she experienced a wide spectrum of people and their winding paths. She became comfortable working with people in all walks of life. Zandra also dealt with the incarceration of close friends and family, and has developed an interesting relationship with the issue. Her personal experience prompted her to pursue a career in combating recidivism and improving the quality of education available to those who are incarcerated. The Evergreen State College was the perfect match for her interests and ambitions for Graduate School.

In her second year at Evergreen, Zandra was accepted into the Gateways for Incarcerated Youth’s academic program, and their mentoring program. She travels to Chehalis, WA twice a week to work with incarcerated youth one-on-one, and in the classroom for workshops. Learning more about incarceration, and witnessing the power of education in a setting like prison, sparked her interest in programs available for incarcerated adults. SPP had already caught her attention, and Zandra’s newly kindled interest in progressive programs drew her to the partnership even more. She applied for the administrative assistant position with the desire to learn more about sustainability and all it entails, be a part of an awesome partnership, and to expand her knowledge on incarceration. She is definitely looking forward to her time here as SPP’s Administrative Assistant.