Larch Corrections Center (LCC)

Program Program Partners (partner with DOC, Evergreen, or both) Recent highlights 
Roots of Success, environmental course Roots of Success Graduated 9 classes so far and trained 3 new instructors!
Western pond turtles care Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Oregon Zoo Cared for 32 turtles so far, from Columbia Gorge population (receives different treatment and arrives later than CCCC turtles)
Beekeeping Clark County Beekeeping Association Has expanded into 4 hives and one nuc going into winter; harvested 5 gallons of honey this year!
Plantain, food source for Taylor’s checkerspot butterflies Oregon Zoo Technicians maintain garden beds and harvest leaves to feed butterfly larvae raised at the zoo and MCCCW.
Bird feeders   Feeders throughout the facility; re-home baby birds that fall from nests.
Gardens   Landscaping areas with pollinating plants included; hired new Groundskeeper and will restart vegetable gardens in 2019.
House plants   Only prison where incarcerated individuals may have houseplants in their rooms: nearly 300 for 480 residents!
Waste reduction   Education posters throughout the facility, and recycle bins everywhere!
Waste sorting & recycling Waste Connections,
Paper People
Calbag Metals
Expanded recycling collection for staff areas and food service; Living Unit recyclers do great job of sorting.; sent 17 tons of steel to Calbag Metals and 9 tons of cardboard to Paper People!
Food waste reduction   63.6 tons of food waste was diverted in past year, yielding 18.2 tons of compost.
Large-scale composting   First WA prison to have large-scale composting; diverted 63.6 tons of food waste to produce 18.2 tons of finished compost in past year.
Wood craft donations   Created 50+ Jewelry boxes and other items, donated to non-profits.
Larch Dog Adoption Program Humane Society for Southwest WA Weekly classes and one-on-one training with handlers; 48 dogs and puppies in the program in past year.
Larch Cat Adoption Program West Columbia Gorge Humane Society and Humane Society for Southwest WA Education and training every 2nd week; 46 kittens and cats adopted in past year.

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