The Sustainability in Prisons Project is a community of ideas as well as people. Our mission includes serving as a model for other prisons, educational and conservation organizations and residential institutions such as military bases, assisted living centers, and summer camps. We also serve as a clearinghouse for anyone—including current inmates and ex-offenders—interested in science, sustainability, green-collar jobs, and training opportunities.

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SPP Fiscal Year Annual Report 2014

WDOC Sustainability Policy 2014

WDOC Sustainability Policy 2014

Exploring the Value of Prison-Based Dog Programs - 2015, under review

Exploring the Value of Prison-Based Dog Programs 2015, under review

SPP Overview 2015

Conservation Programs 2015

Education Programs 2015

Sustainable Operations Programs 2015

Sustainable Operations Programs 2015

Community Contributions Programs 2015

Community Contributions Programs 2015

Essential Components 2015

“The Case for Engaging Incarcerated Populations in Conservation and Science” in Natural Areas Journal (c) 2015


WDOC 2013-2015 Sustainability Plan


SPP Handbook – for practitioners who are ready to implement the SPP model; click to purchase

SPP Overview book: click link to purchase.

SPP Overview book: click link to purchase.


"Bringing Sustainability and Science to the Incarcerated" in Values in Sustainable Development (c) 2013

“Bringing Sustainability and Science to the Incarcerated” in Values in Sustainable Development (c) 2013

Sample Press Packet

SPP Sample Press Packet

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Allied Organizations

For SPP Partners, see About Us

Green Prisons: Experts in sustainable operations in corrections facilities

Planting Justice: Working for food, economic, and environmental justice

Vera Institute of Justice: Research and innovation for justice systems

Transformative Education Behind Bars (TEBB): a consortium of college and university educators and nonprofit organizations whose purpose is to develop and support higher education programs for prisoners.

American Correctional Association (ACA): Founded in 1870 the oldest association developed specifically for practitioners in the correctional profession; a professional organization for all individuals and groups, both public and private, that share a common goal of improving the justice system.

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC, within the U.S. Department of Justice): Provides training, technical assistance, information services, and policy/program development assistance to federal, state, and local corrections agencies; awards funds to support our program initiatives; and provides leadership to influence correctional policies, practices, and operations nationwide in areas of emerging interest and concern to correctional executives and practitioners as well as public policymakers.

Criminal Justice Planning Services: Management consulting to criminal justice agencies.

Delancey Street Foundation: A residential self-help organization for former substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom; residents receive a high school equivalency degree (GED) and are trained in 3 different marketable skills.

The IF Project: A collaboration of both formerly and currently incarcerated adults and law enforcement personnel working together to effect change for those who are facing issues and challenges regarding incarceration and recidivism

The Horticultural Society of New York: Programs include the Horticultural Therapy Partnership (free curricula available on their website!)  and Rikers Island GreenHouse (a greenhouse, a classroom, and over two and a half acres of landscaped and productive gardens, designed and built by inmates).

Sustainability Organizations

Education & Training Opportunities

Green-collar Jobs

  • Green jobs network: A directory of green jobs boards
  • Clean Edge Jobs posts employment opportunities with clean-tech companies and other organizations leading the transition to a clean-energy economy.
  • lists jobs in renewable energy, green building, sustainable businesses, and more.
  • Sustainable South Bronx is a community organization dedicated to youth development, vocational training, “Greening the Ghetto” and other innovative work in one of New York City’s oldest industrial neighborhoods.
  • Veterans Green Jobs career development opportunities for military veterans, empowering and supporting them to lead America’s   transition to energy independence, ecological restoration, community renewal and economic prosperity.
  • Small business resources for minorities and women for Washington state.
  • Got Green (Seattle, WA) works to ensure that low-income people and communities of color in Seattle/King County can gain equal access to and reap the benefits promised by the green movement and the green economy