Thank you!

For assistance with the administration, publishing, budgeting, and finances, SPP would like to thank the following businesses, offices, and individuals. They have given reliable support and provided outstanding service.

At Evergreen

At Washington State Department of Corrections


  • Jody Becker-Green, Deputy Secretary
  • Devon Schrum, Director of Reentry, for consultation on security and communications
  • Jeremy Barclay, Director of Communications
  • Paige M. Harrison, Director of Research and Data Analytics
  • Liz Dehlbom, Management Analyst
  • Karen Duranceau, Information Technology Specialist
  • Jim Harms, Reentry Systems Administrator
  • Eric Heinitz, Environmental Manager

Thank you to present and former Superintendents of all 12 Washington prisons; their enthusiasm and buy-in have been essential to SPP’s success. In addition, we would like to thank the following staff members for their exceptional contributions.

Airway Heights Corrections Center

  • Kay Heinrich, Associate Superintendent
  • Lieutenant Leonard Mayfield
  • Mike Klemke, Correctional Program Manager
  • Kraig Witt, Recreation/Athletics Specialist 4
  • Mike Jackson, Corrections Specialist
  • Sergeant Robert Mackey
  • John Clarry, Construction/Maintenance Project Supervisor
  • Diane Folland, Administrative Assistant

Cedar Creek Corrections Center

  • Charles Washburn, Captain (retired)
  • Pam Moore, Public Information Officer
  • Angie Fitch, Secretary Supervisor
  • Anthony Pickard, former SPP Liaison and Classification Counselor
  • Gina Sibley, former SPP Liaison and Classification Counselor
  • Officer Glen Epling, bee program coordinator
  • Sergeant Bill Shrock for SPP staff safety training
  • Paris Albertson, Dog program and Classification Counselor
  • Bruce Carley, Building Maintenance Instructor, Centralia College

Clallam Bay Corrections Center

  • Mike Tupper, Associate Superintendent
  • Jack Brandt, Sustainability Committee and Facilities Manager
  • Mike Indendi, Sustainability Committee and Grounds/Nursery Services Specialist (retired)
  • Jerry McHaffie, Food Manager
  • Jean Ernst, Adminstrative Assistant
  • Officer James Leinan
  • Officer Leona Buttram

Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

  • Dorothy Trainer, Environmental Specialist
  • Gena Brock, Administrative Assistant
  • Shelley Thompson, Maintenance Mechanic
  • Mike Runnion, Plant Manager
  • Sam Harris, Facilities Manager

Larch Corrections Center

  • Tyrell Hettinger, Plant Manager
  • Rosa Villena-Bendezu, Food Manager
  • Shawn Piliponis, Classification Counselor

Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women

  • Jay Fields, SPP Liaison
  • Michael Jones, SPP Liaison for the butterfly program
  • Dennis Tabb, Corrections Program Manager
  • Dogoberto Cabrera, Roots of Success Liaison
  • Phoebe Hutsell, Local Business Advisor and Fiscal Analyst

Monroe Correctional Complex

  • David Bustanoby, Associate Superintendent
  • Michele Wood, Associate Superintendent
  • Ann Williams, Correctional Program Manager
  • Officer Jeffrey Swan
  • Regan Landis, Facilities Manager
  • Susan Biller, Administrative Assistant

Olympic Corrections Center

  • Greg Banner, Plant Manager
  • Jason Bennet, Correctional Program Manager
  • Robert Warner, Food Service Manager
  • Jamie Calley, Horticulture Instructor
  • Tammy Lee, Office Assistant
  • Carol Hanson, Administrative Assistant

Stafford Creek Corrections Center

  • Chris Idso, Facilities Manager, coordinator for SPP programming at the facility
  • Ed Baldwin, Grounds/Nursery Services Specialist
  • Jody Sherwood, Office Assistant
  • Jim Snider, Maintenance Mechanic
  • Sheri Izatt, Public Information Officer
  • Joe Williamson, Food Manager
  • Marty Williams, Plant Manager
  • Robert Aleksinski, Roots of Success Liaison and Classification Counselor

Washington Corrections Center

  • Dean Mason, Associate Superintendent
  • Dwight Johnson, Facilities Manager
  • Donald Carlstad, Plant Manager
  • Jeanne Thietje, Corrections Specialist
  • Doug French, Corrections Specialist
  • Benri Deanon, Grounds/Nursery Services Specialist
  • Barb Davenport, Corrections Specialist

Washington Corrections Center for Women

  • Felice Davis, Associate Superintendent
  • David Flynn, former Associate Superintendent of Operations
  • Paula Andrew, Human Resource Consultant
  • Ed Tharp, Horticulture Program instructor
  • Scott Skaggs, WCCW manager of the conservation nursery
  • Mark Blatman, Construction/Maintenance Project Supervisor
  • Melissa Johnson, Public Information Officer

Washington State Penitentiary

  • Dean Smith, Environmental Specialist
  • Robert Branscum, Corrections Specialist
  • Chris McGill, Corrections Specialist
  • Jonathan Fischer, Classification Counselor
  • Officer Ron Benjamin
  • Gisela Hanson, Administrative Assistant
  • Jerry Hamada, Grounds/Nursery Services Specialist
  • Steve Birdwell, Plant Manager
  • Rick Howerton, Construction Coordinator
  • Shawn Clark, Sustainability Committee and Maintenance Mechanic

In the Community

At Large


A partial list of folks who have generously given of their time and talent to present in SPP’s Science & Sustainability Lecture Series: