Washington State Penitentiary (WSP)

Area Program Program Partners (partner with DOC, Evergreen, or both) Recent highlights
WSP Monarch butterfly program, restoring Pacific Northwest populations Washington State University Department of Entomology 2012-2016, prison program reared and released more than 1/3 of 13,778 butterflies
WSP Institutional Sustainability Garden Donate to Blue Mountain Action Council and Christian Aid Center 2018 grew ~110,000 lbs of produce, donated 2,471 lbs; remainder to prison kitchen; 2017 grew 151,470 lbs of produce, savings of $175,937; 457,380 ft2 of garden
WSP Waste sorting & recycling   323,000 pounds of cardboard and steel diverted to recycling; new recycle shop to coordinate sorting; work crew of 10
WSP Composting, main   304,000 lbs of food waste diverted to composting
WSP Electrical upgrades   Facility Electrical Dept. has completed 8 LED lighting retrofits that will pay off in 1 to 6 years; yearly energy savings of 434,720 kWh equivalent to $22,840!
WSP Water conservation Government rebates via PPL Electric Utilities; ICON Systems Inc. Upgraded plumbing in living unit, estimating 82% water savings, worth $65,000; planning for 2 more units
WSP BAR Units kitten program Blue Mountain Humane Society Socializing and raising kittens for adoption; ~70 kittens in the program this past year
WSP-MSU Beekeeping  Mona Chambers, professional beekeeper and founder of See The Bees; West Plains Beekeepers Association Has 15 hives and just graduated another class with 13 incarcerated beekeepers and 1 staff member; participated in USDA bee health study
WSP-MSU Sheep conservation program Washington Department of Fish and WildlifeWashington State University Successful first season; ewes in the program gave birth to 28 lambs, 9 females and 19 males; developing protocols and educational materials for year 2.
WSP-SPL SPL overview Receive materials donations from partners; donated to 530 charities since start of SPL in 2012 23 programs in past year donated 17,000+ items to non-profits; provided 8,500+ items for State use; estimate $200,000+ savings for DOC annually; 7 tour guides; 225 tours provided; all technicians receive Roots of Success and Redemption, and several other education programs
WSP-SPL SPL: Bicycle Refurbish Bikes donated by Walla Walla Police and Sheriff’s Department Rebuilt and donated 30 bikes in past year
WSP-SPL SPL: Wood Shop   Built custom wood signs, special furniture items, and carvings; 194 projects this past year; big cost savings for DOC associated
WSP-SPL SPL: Wood Carving   Hand-carved 194 items for auctions this past year
WSP-SPL SPL: Learning Center   Creates education curricula, manages inventory, coordinates events, TV repair and rental
WSP-SPL SPL: Aquaculture and Aquaponics   Produce 60+ heads of leaf lettuce every 90 days; maintain stock of 3,000+ tilapia and trout
WSP-SPL SPL: Worm Farm   In past year, produced 27,600+ lbs of worm castings (retail value $357,144), and 3,200 gals of worm tea
WSP-SPL SPL: Furniture Repair Simpli-Home Furniture LLC. donated $120,000 value of furniture (for example); donations to Habitat for Humanity, The Humane Society, Veterans Housing Project, Women and Children Rescue Mission, Christian Charities Mission, and Teen Aid Donated furniture sorted, salvaged, and assembled for donation to 40+ charities
WSP-SPL SPL: Sign shop   Recycle metal signs, and re-size or re-manufacture; produced 2,000+ signs in past year, cost savings of $2,000
WSP-SPL SPL: Teddy bears   SPL’s most productive shop by # of items, annually creating ~5000 stuffed bears and other items for charities
WSP-SPL SPL: Quilting   From reclaimed fabric, in past year created ~160 quilts, blankets, and wall hangings for charity, including 120 blankets for homeless shelters and fine-craft times for auctions
WSP-SPL SPL: Water treatment systems Project 41 Building low cost water treatment systems for African users, human-powered; built 236 units in past year!
WSP-SPL SPL: Roots of Success, environmental course Roots of Success Graduated 353 students in 23 classes since 2013!
WSP-SPL SPL: Green Zone Farm to school, Lettuce grow,
Master Gardening program, OSU
Produced 7,350 lbs of produce (80% to 13 food banks in Walla Walla County 20% to prison kitchen); delivered 1500 potted plant for 8 local school in Walla Walla.
WSP-SPL SPL: Green Zone composting   This program plus SPL worms processed 42 tons of food waste from West Complex kitchen. In Green Zone, combine food waste with waste paper, wood, and yard waste and produced 17 tons of finished compost.

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