Olympic Corrections Center (OCC)

Program Program Partners (partner with DOC, Evergreen, or both) Recent highlights 
Gardens Peninsula CollegeSunshine and Rainbows Child Development Center, Quileute Tribe 24,000 ft2 of gardens, 4,000 ft2 greenhouses; rain garden cleans runoff from greenhouse and slowed erosion; donated 850 lbs of vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs to daycare’s summer meal program (students voted to choose recipient)
Community College Horticulture Peninsula College,
Sunshine and Rainbows Child Development Center, Forks Gamers Group, Sarge’s Place for Homeless Vets
45 students achieved certification; grew plants for OCC beautification; donations included plants, plant starts pumpkins, and giant pumpkin for fundraiser
Pollinator-friendly plantings Peninsula College All greenhouse plants selected to benefit pollinators; in past year increased plantings for pollinators, including natives
Flower gardens, boxes, baskets   Each living unit has several garden beds for residents; hanging baskets and flowering beds throughout staff and incarcerated population areas
Water features   Two living units have fish ponds; the other has a fountain and basin
Waste sorting & recycling   On the job training for incarcerated technicians; recycled 25 tons of card board and 12–15 tons of scrap metal in past year
Large-scale composting CBCC, Kalaloch Lodge On job training for equipment and safety; in past year, 202 tons of food waste yielded 98 tons of finished compost
Waste Water Treatment Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) DOE’s Outstanding Performance Award to program manager in 2017! Since 2002, 32 incarcerated technicians trained to Waste Water Treatment Operator 1 / 2 level; many reported work in WWT following release
Water catchment   Two 2,100 gal tanks; red faucets for rainwater watering
Solar power   Installed 5k watt solar array has produced 8,383 kWh of electricity
Wood shop Quileute High School scholarships, Cherish our Children, and Forks Lions Club, CASA, Quillayute Valley School District, Relay for Life, Forks Chamber of Commerce, Timber Museum, Olympic Anglers, Calm Waters and Forks Soroptimists, Olympic Peninsula Humane Society; wood provided by Westport Shipyard and OCC Community Crews (Department of Natural Resources) Donated 300 crafts, sculptures, furniture, and signs to charitable and nonprofit partners, all made from reclaimed wood. This year donated 77 items to one event, Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction, bringing in $16,970 for the School District.
Dog training and adoption Olympic Peninsula Humane Society Since 2010 over 300 dogs have been helped program. Dog handlers receive training in AKC Canine Good Citizen practices and meet weekly for group study and group training. 
Green Building Peninsula College In past year, 24 students gained Green Building Maintenance certificates; 67 currently enrolled; learning small scale construction and sustainable/economic living strategies
Firewood Olycap, Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction, Lake Quinault Fire Department, OCC Community Crews (Department of Natural Resources) Cut and donated 150 cords of firewood in past year.

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