Coyote Ridge Corrections Center (CRCC)

ProgramProgram Partners (partner with DOC, Evergreen, or both)Recent highlights – updated August 2019
Roots of Success, environmental courseRoots of Success231 graduates since start of program; organizing instructor training to restart the program
BeekeepingMid Columbia Beekeepers Ass’n, Washington State Beekeepers AssociationNo bee classes in 2019; graduated 19 Beginners previously; 2 hives; former SPP program manager donated to the program
Plant and Animal HabitatBird boxes, owl box, and pollinator box in garden; built 8 bee boxes in past year.
Land restorationLamb WestonPropagated and grew eleven native species for native plant restoration outside the fence
Heritage and bee gardensSeveral pockets of native and polllinator-specific plants. Two Heritage Gardens, incarcerated designers, honor the cultural and natural heritage of our local area, native plants and chunks of columnar basalt
Garden: Main, maintenance areaHarvest Now~1,000 ft2 of vegetables and pollinator plants; half to food bank and half to kitchen
Waste sorting & recyclingSorted ~152 tons of recyclables in past year: metals, cardboard, paper, plastic
Toys for TotsTri-Cities Toys for Tots, Shriners Hospital for ChildrenDonated 150 toys and crafts in the in past year
Teddy bears from reclaimed materialsHospitals, API events held at CRCC, ARC of Tri-Cities, Franklin County Sheriff’s OfficeDonated 600 teddy bears to partners and benefit events
Ridge DogsBenton Franklin Humane, Adam County Pet Rescue131 dogs graduated from the program in past year!
Service dogs for veteransBrigadoon Service DogsNew: Set up video conferencing with Brigadoon; currently training 2 dogs
Gardens: MinimumFood pantries2,200 ft2 of gardens produced more than 6000 lbs in 2018; half goes to kitchen and half to local food banks
Pollinator garden: MinimumLamb Weston4 acre garden for bees and other pollinators!
Composting: MinimumFood pantriesProduced 8.65 tons of compost in past year

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