Cedar Creek Corrections Center (CCCC)

Program Program Partners (partner with DOC, Evergreen, or both) Recent highlights 
Beekeeping: CCCC Olympia Beekeeping Association 5 classes of apprentice education and certification so far; wood shop built hives for new McNeil Island program
Beekeeping: McNeil Island Correctional Industries, Department of Natural Resources, community beekeepers 2 hives installed on the island in May by a crew of CCCC staff beekeepers with support of a team of local expert beekeepers. The program is buzzing!
Western pond turtle care Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Woodland Park Zoo, and PAWS 60 turtles cared for and released since 2013; program part of a much broader partnership
Woodpecker predation study US Forest Service New program in fall 2017, which is proving very successful! Reviewing video footage of nests to document activity; white-headed and black-backed woodpeckers are priority species for research as they are less common.
Aquaponics Symbiotic Cycles, Centralia College New 5ft x 20ft raft bed system to produce greens year round for facility kitchen; technicians received 2-part training from Symbiotic Cycles LLC.
Vegetable gardens Centralia College, Littlerock Elementary School 40,000 sq. ft. of gardens, grew ~8500 lbs of produce for prison kitchen in 2018; grew pumpkins for prison family events
Flower gardens Centralia College ~15,000 Pollinator Friendly Annual flowers planted around grounds each year; adding more in 2019 to support honeybees on site.
Waste sorting & recycling   Need to rebuild program
Large-scale composting   276916 lbs of organic matter diverted to composting, which produced 138+ tons of finished compost.
Training dogs for veterans Brigadoon Service Dogs 20 dogs trained to the needs of individual veterans in the past year; 2 graduation ceremonies
Community College Horticulture Centralia College 60-70 horticulture students annually
Construction: tiny homes and wildlife habitat Centralia CollegeLow Income Housing Institute, community beekeepers Building tiny homes for tiny home villages; built bird houses to native species’ specs from scrap wood, for onsite placements; built bee boxes for McNeil Island program
Waste water treatment Department of Ecology (DOE) In 2018, DOE recognized CCCC wastewater treatment facility with Outstanding Performance Award; testament to work of facility staff plus incarcerated individuals who work at the treatment plant and gain valuable skills for post-release
Water use reduction and catchment   Catchment capacity: 45,000 gallons; replaced concrete and gravel around the wood shop with grass to reduce water run off.

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