Nalini Nadkarni, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor
Director, Center for Science and Math Education, University of Utah

The current Director of the Center for Science and Math Education at the University of Utah, Dr. Nadkarni was a founder of the Sustainability in Prisons Project and Co-Director until 2011. Since 1985, she has conducted forest canopy research on four continents, mainly in Costa Rica and in Washington State, supported by the National Science Foundation and the National Geographic Society. Her awards include a Guggenheim Fellowship and an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellowship. In 1994, Nalini founded the International Canopy Network to foster communication among canopy researchers, educators and conservationists. While teaching and publishing 85 scientific articles and three books, she identified the need for scientists to reach – and in turn learn from – non-traditional audiences beyond academia. Toward that end, she established the Research Ambassador Program to help scientists convey their ideas and research results to such groups as faith-based communities, urban youth and incarcerated men and women. Nalini’s work has been highlighted in numerous scientific journals, popular magazines, television documentaries and conferences such as TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). She lives with her biologist husband in Salt Lake City, Utah and is working to develop a new prison program in collaboration with the Utah Department of Corrections.

Learn more about Dr. Nadkarni at her personal website.