Center for Natural Lands Management


The Center for Natural Lands Management (CNLM) is known for superior stewardship of natural lands and rare species. CNLM is a nonprofit founded in 1990, and presently manages over 34,000 acres of conservation lands throughout California. They have expanded to include the South Sound Program in Washington State, the premier organization for conserving and restoring the rarest habitats of the southern Salish lowlands—prairies, oak woodlands, and the freshwater systems of the Black River. The South Sound Program operated for 17 years under The Nature Conservancy before merging with CNLM in 2011.

In cooperation with CNLM, SPP undertook the management of nursery plant production at CNLM’s Shotwell’s Landing Nursery from January 2012 to July 2016. Shotwell’s is the regional processing center for seed and plants used in the restoration of south Salish lowland prairies. The nursery includes 4,800 square feet of protected growing space.

Prairie plants growing in plugs in a Shotwell's Landing hoop house. Photo by Jaal Mann.

Prairie plants growing in plugs in a Shotwell’s Landing hoop house. Photo by Jaal Mann.

CNLM and SPP partnered with Cedar Creek Corrections Center to create an inmate conservation crew. This is a 10-person inmate-technician crew dedicated full-time to regional prairie restoration. They regularly visit Shotwell’s Landing and Webster’s Nurseries and can accomplish as much in a day as has been typical for a week’s work. On-prairie, they assist with prescribed burns, planting projects, and weed control. The conservation crew was initiated in the spring of 2013 and has already proved to be a huge boost to conservation and restoration efforts in the south Salish Sea. At the same time, the inmates on the crew have a unique opportunity for direct contribution to the community, diverse education, and valuable work experience.

Puget lowland prairie in bloom. Photo by Rod Gilbert.

Salish lowland prairie in bloom. Photo by Rod Gilbert.